Core Collection of Northern European Gene Pool of Ribes (RIBESCO)

Vastutav täitja Hedi Kaldmäe. Projekti kestus 2007-2011

The RIBESCO project is designed to improve the level of characterisation and conservation of the northern European pool of Ribes (currants and gooseberry) germplasm, raising the information and safety level of the collections of Ribes genetic resource.

The project establishes a decentralised core collection of the Northern EC Ribes germplasm, to form the most important component of national collections. The project also embraces the creation of a transnational network, and the achievement of a modern genotypic characterisation of the germplasm, combining characterisation data with the professional knowledge of the persons responsible for the conservation of national Ribes germplasm collections.

Activity will include easy-access documentation, the project promoting the transfer and use of Ribes genetic material on a European scale. Organisational procedures applied in this project will be available to other projects aiming at similar results.

The project receives financial support from the European Commission, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, under Council Regulation (EC) No 870/2004 (Action 071).