Project "GoodFruit"
Increasing competitiveness of Estonian and Latvian food industry
based on new and improved local fruit and berry product development



The objective of the project is to promote fruit and berry storage and processing technologies in order to enhance regional business activity in alternative economic area. For that purpose the project shall involve series of investments, organisation of study trips and seminars, promotion of cooperation networks and issue of publications on related issues.

In the course of the project, the Polli Horticultural Research Centre shall establish the Centre for Processing Technology and the Pure Horticultural Research Centre shall acquire protective atmosphere pallet system equipment required for studying the storage of horticultural products. Rukisi farm shall acquire both regular cooling system and protective atmosphere pallet system equipment. Lases shall combine new and old equipment in juice production line, thus optimizing cost required for output with higher quality.


  • Estonian University of Life Sciences Institute of Agricultural and environmental Sciences Polli Horticultural Research Centre (Estonia)
  • Pure Horticultural Research Centre (Latvia)
  • Non-profit association Kandavas Partneriba (Latvia)
  • Berry Farming OÜ (Estonia)
  • Piladzi Farm (Latvia)
  • Lases Farm (Latvia)
  • Silvanols Ltd. (Latvia)

Project budget and duration

June 2008 - August 2011

Project budget 1 000 000 EUR